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On Friday 24th February 2023, Motic’s Asia team in conjunction with their Bio-Gene distributors installed a Motic PA53MET-FL with a LUMOS unit inside the cleanroom of the semiconductor fabrication research facility in the Department of Mechanical Engineering at the University of Hong Kong. This was the first installation of this unit in the Asia Pacific region and the microscope with its fluorescence capabilities will be used to visualize the quality and any potential contamination in the fabrication process of semiconductor chips designed by researchers. The process of manufacturing semiconductor chips requires specialized equipment and knowledge and Motic is proud to be able to contribute to this research and development.

The University of Hong Kong campus. 

The University of Hong Kong campus. Yen (Bio-Gene), Kelvin and Bernard (Motic) suited up inside the semiconductor research facility.

Bernard and Kelvin (Motic) installing the PA53MET-FL with LUMOS inside the clean room facility.

PA53MET-FL with LUMOS microscope with a FITC and TRITC filter cube installed inside the clean room facility.

An etched silicon wafer with 540nm LED illumination on the stage of the PA53MET-FL microscope.

TRITC and FITC image of a silicon wafer sample taken with 20x objective using a phone camera through the eyepiece. Fluorescence light is used to inspect the quality of the silicon wafer etching and printing and also check for contamination.

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