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Life Science

With its outstanding zooming technology, Motic offers high optical performance stereo life science microscopes displaying sharp, three-dimensional images and wide field of view.

Our ergonomic design protects viewers and enables prolonged work hours of viewing without any discomfort from the upper shoulder areas.

These microscopes are designed for college and university students performing observation and examining specimens in any science, anatomy and in any professional research field.



Home > Products > PA Series > Life Science

Motic has implemented a full interchangeability between halogen light source and LED modules in PA43. The importance of LEDs as safe and long-term illumination source has become increasingly the norm in clinical and research microscopy environments. Nevertheless, experienced users may still prefer the “warm” halogen illumination with a large portion of long wavelength. 

In PA43 the user can choose his illumination source freely.

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PA43  Specification Details
Optical system Color Corrected Inifinity Optical System(CCIS)
Observation Tube Trinocular - Light distribution(100:0/20:80), Incline angle 30 degree
Eyepieces Wide-Field WF 10X/22, +/- 5 Diopter adjustable
Revolving  Nosepiece Coded Quintuple(5)
Focus Focusing stroke 25mm
Fine:0.1mm/ resolution (1μm)Upper limit stopper, Upper limit stoper, Torque adjustment ring
Condenser N.A 0.9/1.25 Abbe condenser with slider slot
Stage 180x170mm surface, 80x55mm movement, coaxial controls rackless stage
Recommended objectives
Plan UC Achromat Series Plan UC 4X
Plan UC 10X
Plan UC 20X(Optional)
Plan UC 40X
Plan UC 60X/(Optional)
Plan UC 100X,Oil

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