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Swift M230 Series

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SWIFT M230 Series

The M230 is truly for the highest expectations in optical excellence. With the Full Koehler LED and N-EC Plan Achromat Objectives it includes all the features needed for a completely robust micro-scope in a clinical setting.

As with the M200 line-up, the M230 line-up also has complete set of optional accessories for Con-trast methods, as well as the trinocular and built-in camera range for digital microscopy.

Main Features

  • Full Koehler 3W Led Illumination
  • Highest Grade Objectives
  • 22mm Fov Eyepiece


Swift M230-T

Home > Products > Swift Line > Swift Compound Microscopes > Swift M230 Series

The cordless LED illumination achieves a homogeneous image background and good contrast without the need of a power cable. The minimized heat development facilitates the examination of living samples in biology. User friendly built-in carrying handle allows easy storage and transport in the classroom.

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Swift M230-T Specification Details
Optical system Infinite optical system
Observation tube Trinocular head, siedentopf type 
Inclination 30° inclined, 360º rotating
Interpupillary distance 48-75mm
Eyepiece(s) Widefield WF10X/20mm, +/- 5 diopter (Standard)
Widefield WF10X/23mm, +/- 5 diopter (Optional)
Nosepiece Reversed quadruple revolving nosepiece(Standard)
Reversed quintuple revolving nosepiece(Optional)
Objective classification Infinity Plan Achromatic
Objective information 4X/0.10
Stage Rackless mechanical stage
Stage size 183 x 143mm
Travel range X&Y 76 x 40mm
Condenser Rack and pinion focusable 1.25 N.A. Abbe condenser with iris diaphragm & expansion slot
Focus mechanism Coaxial coarse and fine focusing system with tension adjustment
Fine Focus precision 2 μm minimum increment
Illumination Full Koehler LED illumination, 3W with intensity control

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