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Motic offers a wide variety of microscope software that can be used both for educational and professional fields. Our well-known Motic Images Plus 2.0 gives you the possibility of analyzing images through measurements, automated counting, image comparison, creating reports…etc.

Motic Assembly and Motic Multi-Focus modules allow you to automatically assemble a high quantity of images into one. Motic Trace is the perfect compliment if you are looking for a forensic and comparison software. We also have a network solution, Motic Net, which allows teacher to have a complete overview of each student’s station.


Motic Trace

Home > Products > Software > Routine Software Series

Motic Trace is the software everyone has been waiting for. There is no need to buy expensive comparison microscopes. Simply connect two or more Moticams or Motic Digital Microscopes to your computer and get immediate live comparison imaging. Turn your existing microscopes into comparison scopes and break into forensic science teaching without breaking the bank.

Motic Trace will go further than existing Comparison Microscopes dare to go. Don't just compare images side by side. With this software you can overlay several live images, resize and independently rotate each of them. Match two fingerprints with ease from live images or recall from a saved set. Check handwriting authenticity in a matter of seconds or determine whether two pieces of fabric belong to the same set. Don't settle for expensive old technology, go Digital.

Simply connecting two or more Moticams or Motic digital microscopes to the computer, get an immediate live comparison through the Motic Trace software.

It not only compares images side by side it is possible to overlay, resize and rotate them independently.

Motic Trace works together with the Motic Images Plus 2.0 and therefore provides a comprehensive platform for further evaluation of the compared images. Creating reports with accurate measurements and editing tools.

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