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Digital Upright Microscope

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Digital Upright Microscope

Our wide range of digital upright microscopes is composed by models that go from an entry level suitable for the education, research and industrial field for life science, medical applications or any material inspections.

Choose the digital microscopy model that fits best with your needs and discover how easy it is to get started immediately with our complete digital package. You should also take into account the resolution and type of output.

Digital Capabilities:

  • Built-in digital camera with CMOS and CCD imaging sensors
  • USB 2.0 output;  Multi-output models;  Resolution: 3.0 MP


Home > Products > Digital Microscope > Digital Upright Microscope

Light-weight, easy to use and versatile, the DS-300 takes a 2-in-1 approach to microscopy. Use it with the included camera attached or replace the camera with the eyepiece and use the microscope as a completely portable unit.

Battery powered LED top and bottom illumination with dimming control ensure proper illumination for prepared slides, macro objects or even liquid samples.

Change the included stages and turn the DS-300 from a microscope to a macroscope thanks to its large range of magnification freely selectable from 20X to 100X. All optics are professional coated glass.

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