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Digital Stereo Microscope

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Digital Stereo Microscope

We offer a wide range of digital stereo microscopes suitable for any application and working area. Whether you are a student, teacher, laboratory technician, researcher, or you simply love digital imaging, here you are sure to find a digital microscopy system that is suitable for your application.

Discover the endless possibilities and benefits of using a digital stereo microscope, and get immediately started with our complete digital package that includes our image analysis software Motic Images Plus 2.0. 

  • Built-in digital camera with CMOS and CCD imaging sensors
  • USB 2.0 output,  Multi-output models,  Resolution: 3.0 MP


Home > Products > Digital Microscope > Digital Stereo Microscope

  • Greenough zoom optical system
  • Binocular head, 45º inclined with Built-in analogue/digital camera CCD 1/3” chip
  • Digital resolution: 720x576 pixels with USB2.0 output
  • Analogue resolution: Max. 550 TV lines resolution S-Video & RCA
  • Widefield eyepiece WF10X/20mm
  • 4:1 Zoom ratio, WD=80mm
  • Magnification range: 1X-4X
  • FBGG: Pole type stand with large working base
  • Coarse focusing system with tension adjustment
  • Incident and transmitted halogen illumination with intensity control
  • Motic Images Plus 2.0 for PC & Mac

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