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Motic Announced The Release of Moticam T

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Motic announced the release of the company’s newest offering, the Moticam T, a unique screen that can be attached to any c-mount trinocular digital microscope. The Moticam T offers a new dimension in learning for students and teachers conducting microscope work.

The company’s newest innovation is especially useful for science  technology, math and engineering (STEM) work. The Moticam T features an  8-inch touchscreen interface, offering an easy means of sharing images to  bring science to life for students. It features a 1.41GHZ processor, 1GB of  built in memory and 4GB of internal storage.

The 1.4GHZ processor in the Moticam T is powered by an Android operating  system and live images can be streamed through a Wi-Fi connection to tablets, PCs and any Android/IOS enabled smartphones. Users have the option of viewing  images from the digital microscope. HDMI output is 1080P for sharp, clear  images.

The Moticam T digital microscope screen provides an extensive array  of new possibilities and a multitude of applications in the classroom. Motic’s digital technology offers an innovative vehicle for engaging  students and igniting a fascination in a variety of disciplines.

The ability to display specimens and images on larger screens creates dynamic  lessons, while offering cost effective savings. The technology provides  students with the opportunity for closer scrutiny of subjects and offers special needs students the ability for more active participation in  lessons.

The release of the new Motic digital microscope screens provides instructors  with a valuable new learning tool to stimulate interest in a myriad of  disciplines. The new screens provide educators with the means to bring the  sciences to students in a form and format that’s conducive to learning.

The Motic T screen utilizes digital technology to enhance  education and facilitate connectivity between people and science.

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