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New Motic Asia Pacific Home Page

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With much anticipation, we have launched another new phase of the Motic Asia Pacific home page. The new AP home page was designed to serve four important functions, to increase visitors engagement through quick access to products, to provide an opportunity for acquiring leads, to enable search engine optimization and improve page loading time.

" Quick Product Links "

We have added direct links to product pages such as “Quick Product Links” and “Featured Products”. The placement of the “Quick Product Links” was to allow browsers to directly access product pages without scrolling down.

“ Get in touch with our Product Specialists ”

Anyone who would want to learn more about Motic products can get in touch with our product specialists by filling the “Get in touch with our Product Specialists” form.

" Site Structure "

The new home page was constructed with smaller size banners to increase page loading speed and optimized content. We will be working to provide a better user experience by optimizing the registration process. 

Be sure to contact us for any concerns you may have.

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