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The modularity of our stereo microscopes allows you to combine all our models with a wide variety of stands, all of which have been designed to provide you with easy access for the inspection of the samples. Our portfolio offers different shapes and illumination systems to fit today’s requirements.

You can choose different combinations of illumination, such as incident and transmitted light or take your pick between halogen and LED. Otherwise you can select between a variety of plain bases without built-in light that can be used with external illuminators.

Main features

  • Adaptability to SFC11, SMZ140, SMZ168 and K series
  • Halogen or LED illumination systems
  • Independent intensity control for incident and transmitted light
  • Free-fatigue design for slim plain stands

Home > Products > Accessories > Industrial > Accessories > Base Stands

For SFC-11 / SMZ-140 series

Base Focusing head holder
Lenght 280mm Pole mount diameter 32mm
Width 330mm Head mount diameter 74mm
Height 360mm Focusing stroke 49mm
Pole Illumination
Diameter 32mm Incident halogen 12V/10W
Height 305mm Transmitted halogen 12V/10W
with intensity control

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