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Student Microscope Series

This special Monoscope with a large working distance is perfect for viewing macro specimens such as plants, insects and minerals. The MS Series is easy to use and has high quality optics. Its simple but solid construction ensures a long life time. This light-weight and compact microscope is ideal for outdoor biology classes or studies in the backyard.


MS-3 WF15X/13mm

Home > Products > Stereo Microscope > Education > MS Series

The MS Series Monoscopes are available in two different versions.

Motic's MS-2 features a maximum magnification of 20X with the built-in 10X eyepiece and the 2X Objective, whereas the MS-3 has a 15X eyepiece raising the maximum magnification to 30X

Both versions have a 45 degree inclined head which is fully rotatable and mounted on a pole-stand.

  • 45º inclined monocular head, rotates 360°
  • Widefield eyepiece WF15X/13mm
  • Built-in 2X objective with 80mm working distance
  • Rack & Pinion focusing block with slip clutch and safety stop
  • Pole-stand with white stage plate and stage clips

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