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Thank you for your continued interest in our Motic imaging products. 

We strive to ensure that our digital microscopy systems can be compatible to as many operating systems as possible with firmware and driver updates.

If you are reading this, you will have realized that our older products do not work properly on Microsoft Vista or Windows 7.

There are 2 components to our imaging products. Firstly, there is the imaging software such as Motic Images Plus 2.0ML, which allows you to quantify your image through accurate measurements, editing, counting and many more features. The other component is the microscope camera driver, which enables the imaging device to communicate with the computer.

We have finished the update of our Motic Images Plus 2.0ML software to work properly on Vista/7 and with the new Driver for the imaging chips.

Motic has tried to enable as many customers who have purchased Microscopes or Cameras with our digital imaging devices to update the firmware of their camera chip and then to download the updates. However, this has not been possible for all camera chips.


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