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Motic offers a range of digital microscope accessories including:

Gooseneck for moticam series

Usb pci for our digital imaging products,

Ieee pci for Moticam 3000 and 5000

Moticam lens & Couplers for Moticam series (also included in the Moticam package)

B&S adaptor - Moticam Eyetube adaptor


B&S Adaptor

Home > Products > Accessories > Digital

Moticam Eyetube adaptor

This device replaces the focusable lens as well as the microscope's eyepiece with one lens therefore increasing optical resolution as well as making sure that the Moticam can be mounted even into the Eyetube of microscopes with over-sized eyepieces.

The B&S adaptor is included in our standard packing of our Moticam 2000 and Moticam 2300. It can also be purchased seperately.

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