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Motic's Launch of Panthera Series 'Smart' Microscopes Pushes Industry Forward

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Motic Scientific Instruments has made a major step forward with the launch of its new line of upright microscopes, the Panthera Microscope Series. Just weeks after Motic’s European division unveiled Panthera to the world at The Medica Exhibition, Motic’s exciting new technology will be making its North American debut at the Cell Biology 2016 show in San Francisco early in December.

In the world of microscopy, with its incredibly large variety of precise scientific instruments used in many different fields, the Panthera Series stands out. With a finely tuned combination of advanced and user-friendly technology, including a simple operational method of connectivity to other scientific instruments, the Panthera series achieves outstanding levels of usefulness and convenience.

The new and original design of the Panthera Series boasts such unique features as a new patented rackless stage and a newly designed sample holder. Other brand new ease-of-use features include an LED condenser and a coded LED nosepiece, which clearly indicates light intensity. The lighting system also allows the user to create their own lighting presets for each objective, thereby automating and streamlining microscope processes. New objectives include ultra-high contrast and very flat field of view. When these are combined with the new eyepieces, bright, vivid and detailed images emerge to present new insights.

The Panthera Series is, in a word, smart. One of its marquee features, the new ImagingOnDevice System, instantly digitizes and displays images on the user’s preferred device in real time, offering countless ways to work with digitized images.  ImagingOnDevice technology transforms the microscopes in the Panthera Series into  full-fledged digital microscopy work stations.

“In today’s daily life with the world at our fingertips, it is common to snap a picture, post it and share it with your social circle. Why not combine that? Why not take out the complexity of the scientific instrument  by replacing it with simple-to-use connectivity? Why not make things easier?” Sebastian Nunnendorf, Motic Scientific Instruments Product Developer said.

Motic has designed the Panthera line of Microscopes to be the perfect fit for any situation, with each Panthera model being designed for a specific environment. The Panthera line includes models designed for educational institutions, research laboratories, industrial material science research centers and more. Innovative design decisions, such as the incorporation of modulation contrast or DIC, and a generous selection of intermediate modules and specific optics, enables the Panthera Series to adapt and thrive in all usage situations.

The over-arching goal behind the Panthera Microscope Series is to make workflow easier and more efficient. A Panthera Series microscope is designed to be more than a tool; it’s meant to be a partner, a fellow worker you can trust. That’s why Motic refers to it as “the perfect labmate”.

The Panthera Microscope Series will be available for purchase in early 2017 with pricing details to be released shortly. Learn more at Inquiries can be sent via email to or by phone at  1-877-977-4717.

Motic Scientific Instruments has been producing high quality, affordable microscopes for over 25 years. In that time, it has built a solid reputation for providing high value and excellent customer service to Motic users. With over 2500 employees in offices across the world, Motic aims to continue creating innovative products and looks forward to many more years of growth and development.

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