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Motic Greatful For Another Great Pittcon!

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Pittcon 2017 was a resounding success for all of us at Motic, and it was an especially important event for us. That’s because it was the backdrop to our 10th Annual North American Sales meeting.  To all of our dealers who came out to see us, we have you to thank. We had a wonderful turn out from our Canadian, America and Latin American dealers, and it left us feeling great about the year ahead.

Our centerpiece of this year’s dealer meeting was, of course, the brand new Panthera series. Pittcon 2017 was the perfect place to officially launch our exciting new series of upright microscopes, in part because we were able to introduce it to all of you at the same time.  The feedback and questions we received about the new products have given us all the opportunity to put our best feet forward in making the Panthera Series a success.

We showed off all of the microscopes of the Panthera series at Pittcon, but the standout of the bunch was the Panthera L – Lifescience model. With its smart ImagingOnDevice technology and LightTracer digitally encoded nosepiece, the Panthera L was turning heads left and right.

But the Panthera L wasn’t the only thing attention grabber at the show. We also introduced the PantheraTec Series of industrial scopes and we are very excited by their potential to improve metallurgical and polarization microscopy processes. The PantheraTec Series has the streamlined design, high-end components and innovative features you have come to expect from the Panthera Series, so we are not surprised it was a hit at the show.

Aside from the Panthera Series, we had a great time showing off our other digital products, like the upgraded Moticam 1080 BMH with 1080P image capture technology, and the new Wifi enabled Digilab Classroom Software Platform.

It was also great to see all of our dealers join us at the Weber Grill as a finale to another successful dealer meeting.

Between the new Panthera Series and our leading-edge digital microscopy products, we are confident that Motic has the potential to make huge waves in the microscopy industry this year. We are thankful to all of our dealers who work with us to help Motic reach that potential.

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