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Introducing New Tablet Microscope Bundles!

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Share your view of the world!

Bring the microscopic world to life with Motic's WiFi enabled microscopes! The crisp, clear images from Motic's compound and stereo microscopes are shared instantly by bundling with the Moticam T2 and S2 tablets. The T2 and S2 allow capture and sharing of high resolution digital images with a single touch making it easy to bring the microscopic world to life. The pre-loaded MotiConnect T app puts the ability to label and annotate captured images at your fingertips without the need to transfer to another computer. Built in streaming capabilities allow you to share a live image feed to any network connected laptop or android device. Let Motic help share your view of the world with Moticam!

Key Features:

  • Easy to Share: Live Stream the Image Directly from the Microscope
  • Instant annotation: Label and annotate images Directly on the Scope
  • Measurements made Easy: Touch Screen Controls to measure and annotate your images
  • High resolution: Combine crisp, Clear images with a 5.0 MP Digital Camera
  • Bring the World to Life: Capture or output HD video at 1080p with an HDMI cable
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