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NEW Moticam Generation

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You are probably aware that for MOTIC 2012 marks a new evolution in our Moticam range and that since the beginning of the year we have been replacing our former range of cameras for our NEW Moticam Generation.

Not only does the new range have a more modern and standardized look/design, but we have also added two BRAND NEW models to complete the Moticam family:

Moticam 10: a 10.0 Mega Pixels camera for documentation purposes.
Moticam 580: A multi-tasking camera that has a class of its own. The Moticam 580 allows you to work in HDMI (1080p), SD Card (5.0MP), USB (800x600), and Analog Video.

To make it simpler let us show you which cameras have replaced the former models:

Moticam 352    →    Moticam 1     
Moticam 1000  →    Moticam 1SP 
Moticam 2000  →    Moticam 2     
Moticam 2300  →    Moticam 3    
Moticam 2500  →    Moticam 5    
NEW! → Moticam 10  
NEW! → Moticam 580

Feel free to contact your Sales Representatives to know which NEW Moticam is right for you!

*note: The Moticam 480 will remain in the catalogue. Meanwhile our Moticam 353 and 483 will no longer be in our official program even if they will still be available upon request.

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