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Motic Introduces Video Zoom System

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The Motic Z-14 combines the best of an optical Stereo Microscope, 1:14 optical zoom, with the best of a video based system, auto focus, in one system. The overall focus of the Z-14 is able to be switched from default auto focus to manual focus for samples and applications with numerous heights via the system's hand remote. Magnification can be changed by the STEP (whole number change) or the FINE (continuous) zoom controls.

The system has a 1 lux sensitivity and the system's brightness can be adjusted in real-time through the hand remote. A back light effect is available to further smooth out the image. All information detected is able to be output via RCA, S-Video, and USB2.0 simultaneously.

Standard equipped with Motic Images Plus 2.0 ML software, the Z-14 is capable of calibrated manual measurement, cataloguing, image comparison, and documentation in a convenient package.

Video based and with a 172mm [0.5X standard objective] working distance, the Z-14 is ideal for applications ranging from video inspection to micro welding to jewellery repair to biological dissection to training. The Z-14 is capable of expansion with numerous stands, auxiliary magnification and illumination allowing further usage in various fields.

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