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    SMZ-171 BLED(Pole Type)

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    The SMZ-171 is the highest quality stereomicroscope manufactured by Motic. Based on the Greenough zoom optical design, the base model SMZ-171 stereomicroscope displays crisp, clear stereoscopic images from 7.5X to 50X with a standard working distance of 110mm; addition of auxiliary lenses and eyepieces give a total magnification range of 2.25X to 200X with a maximum working distance of 301mm. A 5 position click-stop mechanism makes reproduction of magnification simple for different users on different days.

    The large range of accessories for the SMZ-171 stereomicroscope enable it to perform a wide range of potential applications making it a truly versatile instrument for both research and routine applications. A selection of stands and head holders including articulating boom stands and ball bearing boom stands help make sure the SMZ-171 will fit into your workflow. Accessories such as polarization and dark field attachments further enhance the versatility of the SMZ-171 stereomicroscope.

    The Next Generation Stereo Microscope

    • Greenough zoom optical system
    • Lead free optical design
    • Trinocular head, 45º inclined, 360º rotating
    • Widefield eyepieces WF10X/20mm
    • 6.7:1 Zoom ratio, WD=110mm
    • Magnification range: 0.75X-5X
    • 3W LED Incident and Transmitted Illumination
    • Long lasting LED lamp life, up to 25,000 hrs.
    • ESD and non ESD versions available

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