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    The SMZ-143 provides a robust trinocular stereomicroscope for inspection, measurement, and documentation applications, among others, across a wide range of industries. The high-quality Greenough zoom optical system provides crisp, clear, 3-dimensional stereoscopic images at a zoom ratio of 4:1 with a standard working distance of 80mm. Click stops at 10X, 20X, 30X, and 40X help ensure that images can easily be reproduced between different operators on different days. The addition of auxiliary lenses or eyepieces, produce a magnification of up to 180X and a maximum working distance of 200mm.

    A large range of standard stands as well as ball-bearing and articulating boom stands help contribute to the versatility of the SMZ-143 stereomicroscope. Lighting options inculding transmitted and/or incident lighting, halogen or LED lighting, and a range of other accessories including fibre-optic lighting, ring lights, and more, help the SMZ-143 adapt to almost any application requirement. The sturdy construction, high-quality optics, and high level of customization and adaptability help ensure that the SMZ-143 stereomicroscope will be a reliable, durable stereomicroscope for years to come.

    • Greenough zoom optical system
    • Trinocular head, 45º inclined, 360º rotating
    • 100:0 (eyetubes), 0:100 (right eyetube/trinocular tube) optical split
    • Widefield eyepieces WF10X/20mm
    • 4:1 Zoom ratio, WD=80mm
    • Magnification range: 1X-4X
    • FBGG: Large working area base stand and head holder
    • Coarse focusing system with tension adjustment
    • 12V/10W incident and transmitted halogen illumination with intensity control

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