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    The K401 expands on the benefits of a Common Main Objective [CMO] optical system by integrating a Plan Achromat objective to further reveil information within the field of view. Images on the edge of the field of view appear flat instead of curved, as in other systems, which makes the K401 ideal for inspection and photomicrography.

    With the longest standard working distance [110mm], the K401 merges the benefit of the Greenough system"s long working distance with the optical clarity of the CMO system for a more versatile solution for numerous applications. The K401"s working distance can be further increased [up to 312mm] through the use of Achromat auxiliary objectives.

    In documentation mode, true colour renditions via a still or video device are the results of the K401"s Plan Achromat objective and the utilisation of the double iris diaphragm of the 1500.4 optical bridge. Documentation is easily converted to analysis with the employment of one of Motic"s digital application camera and self-produced software packages to fully maximise the potential of the K401.

    • Common main objective (CMO) Infinity optical system
    • Binocular head, 45º inclined
    • Widefield eyepieces WF10X/23mm
    • 1X Plan Achromatic objective
    • 4-position step magnification changer
    • Magnification stops: 6X, 12X, 25X and 50X
    • Standard max. Field Diameter 38.3mm
    • 110mm working distance
    • Coarse focusing system with tension adjustment
    • Plain large working area stand
    • Supplied standard with black and white stage plates and dust cover

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