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    The SMZ-168 stereomicroscope incorporates a zoom ratio of 1:6.7, one of the industry's largest, with a standard working distance of 113mm inside a Greenough optical stereo system to provide a high-quality stereomicroscope for routine daily use. The base model system provides a standard magnification of up to 50X and guaranteed parfocality; this can be further expanded to up to 320x and a maximum working distance of 324mm with the addition of optional auxiliary lenses and eyepieces.

    Designed for long term usage, the SMZ-168 is available in both a 35° and 60° observation angle format to fit the application and environment setup. Assisting in fatigue prevention is the high eyepoint system of the standard 10X eyepieces, which allows the user to assume a more comfortable posture when using the microscope and eyeglass wearers to easily operate the microscope. Available accessories such as polarization and dark field attachments further expand the possible applications for the SMZ-168 stereomicroscope providing a durable, high-quality stereomicroscope for almost any routine research or industrial application.

    • Greenough zoom optical system
    • Binocular head, 35º inclined, 360º rotating
    • Widefield eyepieces WF10X/23mm
    • 6.7:1 Zoom ratio, WD=113mm
    • Magnification range: 0.75X-5X
    • 2112: Plain large working area base stand with head holder
    • Coarse focusing system with tension adjustment

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