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    GM168 Trinocular

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    The GM-168's standard 50X magnification, one of the largest in the industry, permits you to see those hairline inclusions in the standard format, whereas other systems must add an auxiliary objective to achieve the same image. Complementing the magnification is the 6.7 : 1 zoom ratio, which allows the type of inspection to switch from finishing inspection to identifying the imperfection within the gem without the need to refocus thanks to the GM-168's parfocality. Furthermore, the GM-168's 113mm working distance offers you the choice of operating with the standard wire gem holder or a pair of jeweller's tweezers without the worry of contacting the optics or affecting the focus.

    Equipped standard with both bright field and dark field observation, the GM-168 is a versatile inspection and diagnosis system for gems ranging from jadeite to emerald to diamond. Further assisting the observation of the diamond is the standard 6000K-gooseneck fluorescent incident to true test for the shimmer of the diamond and finishing through simple repositioning of the light.

    For user comfort and practicality, the GM-168's stand has a tilting range of 0° - 45° to conform the stand to the user instead of the user conforming to the stand. The GM-168 is the perfect option for the storefront with its 360° rotary base. The sales person can focus the microscope and conveniently rotate the base to the customer to demonstrate the purity and importance of a setting.


    • 50X standard magnification
    • 1:6.7 zoom ratio
    • 113mm working distance
    • 360° rotary base stand
    • 0° - 45° stand tilt
    • Bright field and dark field observation
    • Aluminum carrying case

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