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    Constructed around specially coated optics and geared for inspection and laser work [355nm - 1064nm] in one system, the PSM-1000 employs a series of features to facilitate both functions. The PSM-1000 can be quickly converted from optical inspection to laser work by utilising the 3-lens changeover turret and the beam splitter. The 3-lens changeover turret permits the user to select the spectrum to operate in or simply to magnify the image 2X [2000X maximum magnification with a 100X objective], whereas the beam splitter removes the optical prism to achieve the maximum transmission of the laser pulse. Current transmission efficiency tests put the PSM-1000 at 82% in the 1064nm spectrum.

    Precise movments are crucial either when using a laser or inspection wafers or flat panels at high magnifications. Even with a resolution of 1 mm, the PSM-1000's focusing block can handle mounted weight up to 45lbs. The total stroke for the focusing block is 50mm with the option of being reversed for greater use of space.

    The PSM-1000 is equipped standard with an adjustable forward-facing nosepiece. The mechanism of the nosepiece allows you to parcenter the objective by inserting two parcentering keys above the objective for convenience and speed. Gone are the days of hunting and pecking with a hexagon key!

        PSM1000 PSM1000E
    Trinocular tube Image Erect Image
    Interpupillary distance Siedentopf type, adjustment range: 55mm-75 mm
    Field Number 24mm
    Optical pass ratio Switchable [eyepiece/laser = 100/0 or 0/100]; Simultaneous observation [50:50]
    Observation angle adjustment / 3° to 30°
    Main unit Tube lens [correction] 1x [ultraviolet and infrared] and 2x [visible]
    Laser work Pull out beam splitter for laser work
    Applicable laser 1064/532/355nm NWR laser
    Magnification range 20X – 2000X
    Focus Adjustment Witd coaxial coarse and fine focusing wheels [right/left] [50mm travel range, 0.1mm/rev. for fine adjustment, 4mm/rev. for coarse adjustment]
    Loading weight on optical tube 20.5kg
    Camera mount C-mount adapter
    Light source [optional] 150W cold light source, light guide lengtd 2m.
    Objective nosepiece Parcenterable, outward, rotary type for bright field lens [witd 4 mounts], detachable
    Objectives [optional] ELWD Plan Apo 2x, 5x, 10x, 20x, 50x
    ULWD Plan Apo 50x,100x
    ELWD Plan Apo [Parfocality Adjustable] 2x, 5x, 10x, 20x, 50x
    ULWD Plan Apo [Parfocality Adjustable] 50x,100x
    NIR Apo 20x, 50x
    Mass [main unit/light source] 6.8kg/2.5kg

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