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    SFC-11C 2LBB

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    The SFC-11 is an ideal stereomicroscope for both educational and industrial environments. Featuring 45° inclined head and adjustable interpupilary distances between 54-76mm, the SFC-11 stereomicroscope provides and ergonomic experience for comfortable and fatigue free viewing over extended periods of time. Available in three turret magnification combinations [1X,2X; 1X,3X; and 2X,4X], the SFC-11 is an economic choice intended to cover a wide range of applications and requirements. Provided with incident and transmitted illumination to give flexibility in lighting options, and featuring a standard working distance of 95m, the SFC-11 is up for almost any task.

    With a variety of accessories available, the SFC-11 can adapt to most requirements without the need for factory or third-party modifications. Add-ons such as polarization and dark field attachments further increase the versatility of this microscope. Available stands for the SFC-11 range from compact and simple incident stands to articulating and ball bearing boom stands depending on your application; numerous arm choices complement the stands further increasing the versatility of this simple microscope.

    • Binocular head, 45º inclined, 360º rotating
    • Widefield eyepieces WF10X/20mm
    • Objective turret magnification changer (2X, 4X)
    • Magnification: 20X-40X
    • Working distance 95mm
    • N2GG: Base stand with pole and head holder
    • Coarse focusing system with tension adjustment
    • 12V/15W incident and 12V/10W transmitted halogen illumination
    • with intensity control
    • Main supply 220V-240V (CE)
    • Black/White and frosted glass stage plates, blue filter and dust cover

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