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    The SFC-11 is an ideal stereomicroscope for educational, training, inspection, and most routine industrial environments. The Greenough lens configuration and magnification turret provide sharp, high quality stereoscopic images that are reproducible between different operators or on different days; combining with a Moticam camera or micrometer eyepiece transforms the SFC-11 stereomicroscope into an inspection and documentation work horse. With its head inclined at 45° and adjustable inter-pupilary distance between 54-76mm, the SFC-11 provides an ergonomic platform that is comfortable and fatigue free when viewing over extended periods of time. Available in three turret magnification combinations [1X,2X; 1X,3X; and 2X,4X], the SFC-11 stereomicroscope provides an economic option to cover a wide range of requirements.

    The SFC-11 is supplied standard with a compact incident and transmitted stand; additional stands are available ranging from compact and simple incident stands to articulating and ball bearing boom stands and numerous arm choices to meet most requirements. The standard working distance of 95mm is sufficient for majority of applications without the need for addition of auxiliary objectives. Taken together, the SFC-11 provides a rugged, versatile stereomicroscope for a wide range of applications.

    • Binocular head, 45º inclined, 360º rotating
    • Widefield eyepieces WF10X/20mm
    • Objective turret magnification changer (1X, 3X)
    • Magnification: 10X-30X
    • Working distance 95mm
    • N2GG: Base stand with pole and head holder
    • Coarse focusing system with tension adjustment
    • 12V/15W incident and 12V/10W transmitted halogen illumination
    • with intensity control
    • Main supply 100V-240V (CE)
    • Black/White and frosted glass stage plates, blue filter and dust cover

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