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F-1125 LED Corded

F-1125 LED Corded


Motic's F-11 series offers DIN standard optics with coarse and fine focusing and our improved LED illumination for optimum microscopy.

LED illumination microscopes will not get hot and always deliver clear, white illumination making them perfect for school or long-term use.

  • 30° inclined Monocular head with a second viewing tube, rotates 360°
  • Widefield eyepiece WF10X/18mm with built-in pointer for the monocular head and a Widefield eyepiece WF10X/18mm for the second viewing tube
  • Revolving quadruple nosepiece with positive click stops for precise magnification changes
  • DIN Achromatic objectives, parfocal and parcentric 4X/0.10, 10X/0.25 and 40X/0.65 Spring
  • Separate coarse and fine focusing system with upper limit stop to prevent damage to slides and objectives
  • Large 120mm X 110mm stage with locked-on spring stage clips
  • Focusable 1.25 N.A. Abbe Condenser with iris diaphragm
  • LED illumination with intensity adjustment

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