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    Not wanting to be left-out of the ever increasing popularity of Digital Networked Microscopy, Schools already familiar with our Digital Microscopy solutions available asked us to provide a condensed version of our DigiLab II solution with many of the more advanced and professional features cut-out. These features are necessary for more advanced users, but may not be required for the mass educational sector that we targeted with our new MoticNet system.

    MoticNet is compatible with all Digital Microscopes that were originally delivered with a Motic version of application software.

    Your school may already have them, and you may already be half-way there to a new level of microscopy classroom control you are not used to.

    By centralizing control in one Teacher interface, all the Student live digital image streams can be controlled from that point. The teacher can also take full computer control over any of the Student machines.

    This software is compatible with all Motic digital microscopes or Moticam.

    The teacher can have a complete overview over each student's station, and also control an manipulate the quality of each student microscope. Through a simple click the teacher can broadcast its demonstration. Additionally, the work at one student's station can also be shared with the entire classroom.

    Can be connected up to a maximum of 48 individual digital microscope systems. All the stations use the Motic Images Plus 2.0 software.

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