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    DigiLab II has recently been awared the B-HERT award for excellence. This Australian award was granted after a thorough review of our installation at one of Australia's most recognized and high-tech Universities; Monash University in Melbourne.

    Microscope users already familiar with Motic's Digital Microscopy solutions provided us with a challenge:

    To come-up with a scalable microscopy network system that is flexible enough for users to choose the microscope they want and to be installed with as many common parts as possible.

    We answered this challenge by creating DigiLab II. This creative software-based solution will link several digital microscopes together by establishing a link with the computers to which the microscopes are attached. This allows the entire system to be independent of the actual microscope hardware therefore creating a flexible system whereby the end-user may choose amongst a variety of our Digital Solutions.

    By centralizing control in one Teacher interface, all the Student live digital image streams can be controlled from that point. The teacher can also take full computer control over any of the Student machines and is also able to direct Voice as well as Text and Image chatting.

    This software is compatible with all Motic digital microscopes or Moticam.

    The teacher can have a complete overview over each student's station, and also control an manipulate the quality of each student microscope. Through a simple click the teacher can broadcast its demonstration. Additionally, the work at one student's station can also be shared with the entire classroom.

    Can be connected up to a maximum of 48 individual digital microscope systems. The teacher station uses the Motic Advanced 3.2 software and the student stations the Motic Images Plus 2.0.

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