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    EC-H Plan and EC-H PL PH

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    Magnification N.A. W.D.(mm)
    EC-H Plan 2X 0.05 7.2
    EC-H Plan 4X 0.10 15.9
    EC-H Plan 10X 0.25 17.4
    EC-H Plan 20X 0.45 0.9
    EC-H Plan 40X 0.65 0.5
    EC-H Plan 60X 0.80 0.35
    EC-H Plan 100X-oil 1.25 0.15
    EC-H PL Ph 10X 0.25 17.4
    EC-H PL Ph 20X 0.45 0.9
    EC-H PL Ph 40X 0.65 0.5
    EC-H PL Ph 100X-oil 1.25 0.15

    A new class of EC-H optics that sets the standard in price-performance in optical quality. Multi-layer coated glass for enhanced contrast and lead-free manufacturing according to RoHS standards are significant features of this new class of Motic CCIS objectives.

    And The new EC-H Phase lenses give a phase image with improved contrast and flatness(BA410)

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