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    The 2401K fluorescent ring light provides a flicker-free, uniform, shadow-free, and cool illumination option for stereomicroscopy. Fatigue-free usage is ensured by the operating colour temperature of 6400K, which is comfortable on the eyes of the operator while illuminating the crucial details of the sample.

    Designed for convenience, the 2401K is standard equipped with a 3-screw mounting ring to easily mount to the stereomicroscope and begin performing without much hassle. A few microscopes and applications require an additional and/or separate mounting adapter. Please contact your local Motic dealer for the correct mounting arrangement.


    • 6400K Colour Temperature Output
    • 12W power consumption
    • Flicker Free fluorescent illumination
    • 510Lm output


    • Check with your Motic dealer for the proper mounting kit, if needed.

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