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    The MLC-150C is a 21V/150W EKE Halogen fiber optic illuminator with the ability to travel the world without a converter thanks to its switching power supply. You can simply switch the voltage on the back on the unit for your particular region. The system emits an intensity up to 120,000LX with a colour temperature ranging between 2500K - 3500K. The colour temperature can be easily gathered from the LED readout on the front of the illuminator.

    The method of controlling the intensity is left up to you, since you can switch from LOCAL control [intensity control located on the front of the unit] to REMOTE. Coming equipped standard with a 2M long remote control for intensity, the MLC-150 can easily be buried inside a machine or place away from the sample to avoid contanimation from either noise or exhaust. In regards to noise, the MLC-150C emits a noise rating at 38dB/A [±2dB/A].


    • Switching power supply
    • 21V/150W EKE Halogen illumination
    • Equipped standard with 2M remote control
    • 120,000LX intensity
    • 2500K - 3500K colour temperature

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