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Swift150 Series

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SWIFT150 Series

Upright microscope for advanced demands from educational environments. An LED light source cares for a powerful illumination. The professional coaxial coarse/fine focus and a built-in coaxial x/y stage with sample holder introduce professional features to school environments.


The SWIFT150 Series features a full set of Plan Achromatic objectives based on an Infinity Optical System. Diopter adjustment of =/-5dpt is done on the left eyepiece tube.


SWIFT150 microscopes show a 0.5W LED illumination with intensity control. The spiral-mounted N.A.1.25 Abbe condenser with iris diaphragm contrasts weakly-stained samples. Rechargeable batteries allow a cordless usage independent from mains supply.


The reversed 4-fold nosepiece gives free access for a trouble-free change of slides. The coaxial mechanical stage with sample holder cares for a safe examination of slides. Focusing in all SWIFT150 models is done by a coaxial coarse/fine focus with 2μm minimum increment.

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