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Swift100 Serives

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SWIFT100 Series

The SSWIFT100 Series stands out for its innovation, quality, and student-proof feat The SWIFT100 Series stands out for its innovation, quality, and student-proof features, offering a wide range of microscopes for educational purposes in high schools up to advanced high school biology.

This range of microscopes has cordless LED illumination that provides white light with virtually no heat and a built-in carrying handle. Choose among our models the one that fits your application best: monocular or binocular, with stage clips or with built-in mechanical stage, lead-free Achromatic or Semi- Plan objectives or even its digital version, which includes Motic Images Plus 3.0 image analysis software.

Main features

•Ergonomic and "Student-proof" design
•Energy-efficient, cordless LED illumination
•Built-in carrying handle
•Built-in 3.0 MP Camera
•LED battery level indicator


Home > Products > Swift Line > Swift Compound Microscope > Swift100 Serives


These are a superior range of microscopes perfect for schools with their built-in handle and up to 50 hours cordless use after a single 8 hour charge. The objectives are parfocalled, parcentered and colour-coded. The nosepiece is ball-bearing mounted for smooth, precise positioning of objectives and mounted in reverse position to facilitate ease in changing slides. The LED light is rated up to 50,000 hours of life with illumination equal to a 20 watt Tungsten bulb. A slip clutch prevents damage to the focusing system and a tension adjustment eliminates stage drift. The integral camera in the digital version is powered via the USB 2.0 connection. The CMOS 1/2" chip has a resolution of 3MP (2048x1536) and comes with the powerful Motic Images Plus 3.0 software. PC compatible. The NEW wireless 130X has a transmission resolution of 1.3MP. Swift microscopes have a five year limited warranty.

   Specification Details
Optical system Finite optical system, 160mm
Observation tube Binocular Siedentopf
Inclination 30°inclined,360°rotating
Interpupillary distance 55-75mm
Diopter adjustment On the left tube, +/- 5 diopter
Eyepiece(s) WF 10X / 18mm
Nosepiece Reversed quadruple revolving nosepiece with click stops
Objective classification Semi Plan DIN Achromatic
Achromatic Semi-Plan Objective

4X / 0.10, 10X / 0.25, 40X / 0.65 / S, 100x/1.25/S/Oil

Stage Mechanical stage with built-in low position coaxial stage control and sample holder
Stage size 140 X 140mm
Condenser Spiral mounted 1.25 N. A. Abbe condenser with iris diaphragm
Diaphragm Iris diaphragm
Focus mechanism   Coaxial coarse and fine focusing system
Minimum Fine focus precision 2μm
Illumination Rechargeable LED illumination, 20mA, 3.5V, 70mW with intensity control
Accessories included Dust cover, charger, batteries
Length x width x height 234 x 168 x 346mm
Weight (kg) 5.0 kg

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