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Moticam Pro (CCD)

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Moticam Pro series is responsible for handling the most demanding applications. It comes with different SONY ICX sensor resolution and technical characteristics.

This range includes Colour CCD imaging sensors for conventional microscopy techniques, Monochrome CCD imaging sensors for low luminosity microscopy, and Peltier cooled CCD Colour and Monochrome imaging sensors for fluorescence microscopy.

Moticam Pro also comes with the "all-in-one-box" packaged with camera, accessories and Motic Images Advanced 3.2, that allows immediate access to examine the full functionality of the camera to view specimens, capture image and image sharing.


Moticam Pro 205A

Home > Products > Microscope Cameras > Moticam Pro (CCD)

For many years, our unique "From Box to Pics" approach has given a wide range of markets unprecedented access to affordable Digital Microscopy. Our new Moticam Pro series take this approach to the CCD scientific level by offering as much as possible in a single box making this series our most powerful and flexible camera series yet.

  • C/CS mount scientific camera
  • ICX205AK 1/2” CCD Color
  • 1.4MP - 1360x1024 pixels with USB2.0 output
  • On-board 4-frame image buffer
  • TTL port
  • Pixel size 4,65 x 4,65
  • Moticam Pro software CD (Motic Images Plus 2.0, TWAIN, SDK)
  • Motic USB2 driver
  • Motic Images Advanced 3.2 with dongle and calibration slide

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