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Moticam (CMOS)

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Moticam series, a digital camera for microscope, is a digital microscopy camera that captures the perfect image through the MI Devices interface. Transfer the image to the Motic Images Plus application software and you are free to take measurements, make annotations, reports, comparisons and much more. Moticam also gives you the luxury of connecting the camera to TV monitor, projector and/or computer to easily turn your images into knowledge!

Moticam's "all-in-one-box" is packaged with camera, accessories and Motic Image Plus 2.0, that allows immediate access to examine the full functionality of the imaging camera viewing specimens, capturing image and image sharing.


    Moticam 1SP

    Home > Products > Microscope Cameras > Moticam (CMOS)

    The next generation Moticam

    Connect the camera and start interacting

    Welcome to the future of digital microscopy.


    Easy to Install 

    Motic's unique "All In One Box" assures

    each user that this camera can fit almost any microscope.

    Increase Interaction

    Connect the camera to TV monitor,

    Projector and/or computer to

    easily turn your images into knowledge!

    High resolution streaming Wi-Fi camera.



    Customized Software

    Motic Image Plus provides all tools you need

    to quantify measure, annotate, teach, learn

    and much more. Software comes with

    unlimited updates.

    Moticam 1SP Specification Details:

    Type CMOS

    Optical Calculation 


    Live Resolution 

    1.3 Mega pixels 
    Focusable lens 12mm
    Output  Mini USB 
    Accessories Included 


    Attachable C-mount camera 


    A Focusable coated glass lens


    Two adjustable size eyepiece adapters


    A 4-dot calibration slide


    The macro viewing tube


    All cables and power supplies 


    Motic Image Plus - compatible with PC and Mac

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