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K Series

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K Series

The Motic K-Series incorporates a common main objective (CMO) Infinity optical system. With this Infinity optical system the K-Series delivers distortion-free, three-dimensional and parfocal images throughout the magnification range. Furthermore it allows the adaptation of a discussion bridge (DSK models) and accessories like the drawing attachment.

Thanks to the modular system, this stereo microscope series can be easily configured and adapted to the application needs and working environment. A broad selection of stands, additional objective lenses and light sources is available.

Main features

  • Common Main Objective (CMO) Infinity optical system
  • Choose between a zoom objective or turret objective
  • Modular system that can be used with Ball bearing and Articulating Boom stands
  • Discussion/teaching system available (DSK)
  • Drawing attachment and many more accessories


Home > Products > Stereo Microscopes > Life Science/Industrial > K Series

Employing a Common Main Objective (CMO) optical system, the K400 produces flat, crisp, and true colour representations for the user over a long and continuous period. The CMO system benefits the user with the potential of accessory addition without sacrificing optical quality, which makes the K400 suitable for inspection applications.

The various contrast methods offer endless expandability of the K400 without the need for purchasing a new microscope or modification. Therefore, one problem can be examined in two to three different methods with one microscope without the extra space required for another microscope. An ideal option for universities or laboratories with limited space.

Documenting one"s findings is a matter of choice, choice in method that is. The K400 offers the traditional photographic method (still) as well as the increasing popular and powerful method of digital documentation through one optical bridge. Further enhancing the image"s details and quality is the built-in double iris diaphragm of the optical bridge to compensate for over saturation of the illumination or the reflectiveness of the sample.

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K-401L Binocular Specification Details
Optical system Common main objective (CMO) Infinity optical system
Observation tube Binocular head
Inclination 45° inclined
Interpupillary distance 54-76mm
Eyepiece(s) Widefield WF10X/23mm with diopter adjustment, +/- 5 diopter on both eyepieces
Objectives system 4-position step magnification changer
Standard objective 1X Plan Achromatic
Objectives magnification 6X
Working distance 110mm
Stand Pole type stand with transmitted illumination
Column/Arm Ø32mm, 295mm high
Head holder For Ø32mm column with incident illumination
Focus mechanism Coarse focusing system with tension adjustment
Focusing stoke 49mm
Accessories included Black, white and frosted stage plates and dust cover
Base 329 x 277mm
Length x width x height 329 x 277 x 434mm
Weight 5.9kg

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