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Video Inspection Microscope Series

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MOTIC VIS100, VIS200 series video inspection microscope is dedicated to assisting the entrepreneurs and manufacturers to improve the efficiency of the versatile observation/inspection application against budget or returns against device investment. Fit field includes probe station/solution provider, Semiconductor, Flat Panel Display manufacturer, PCB Manufacturer or EMS, Aerospace, Automotive, machinery, tooling/Cutter fabrication and relevant subcontractor etc. industrial manufacturing realm.

VIS100/VIS200 series is compact in size, easy to install and has long working distance. It offers an easy integration into customer inspection system and probe station system through standard interface, which is available in manual and semi-automation operation. Video inspection microscope VIS series comes with a wide range of accessories of Plan APO objectives, economic metallurgical objective, nosepiece, LED illuminator, video C-mount etc., so as to VIS100, VIS200 series can be built on a budget to suit your needs.


VIS 100

Home > Products > Industrial Microscopes > Metallurgical Microscope > Video Inspection Microscope Series

Only 1 Objective and 1 CCD Moticam Camera.

The convenience to realize online/offline single magnification and rapid inspection through monitor or display in high volume production environment can be achieved.

VIS 100 Series
Specification Details
  VIS 100 VIS 100-S VIS 100-A VIS 100-M
Description With single objective With sliding nosepiece With nosepiece
(centering adjustable)
With motorized nosepiece
Magnification of tube 1X
Camera mount Vertical
Observation image BF / erect image
Tube lens (correction) 1X Applicable wavelength (near-infrared - visible - near ultraviolet radiation)
Applicable laser 1064 / 532 / 355mm laser
C-mount adapter 0.5X optional / 1X included
For Observation Plan APO ELWD PA 2X / 5X / 10X / 20X
Plan APO ELWD 2X / 5X / 10X / 20X / 50X / 100 HNA HNA
Plan APO ULWD 50X / 100X
For laser cutting NIR 20X, 50X
Applicable camera 1/2 inch or 2/3 CCD camera (C-mount type)
Illumination system The 3W LED fiber-optic coaxial illumination with aperture diaphragm
Light source logen bulb (21V, 150W) (optional)

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