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GM168 Series

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GM168 Series

The GM-168 utilizes the optical performance of Motic's SMZ-168 stereomicroscope to enhance distinct three-dimensional details with a zoom function.

Rugged and precise, the optics of the GM-168 performs indentifications, analyses and measurements more accurately and efficiently.


GM168 Trinocular

Home > Products > Industrial Microscopes > Gemological Microscopes > GM168 Series

The GM168 is Motic’s answer to the demands of jewelers and gem dealers on the stereoscopic examination of gems and precious stones. The magnification aspect is fulfilled by the optical body of the well-established SMZ168 (in binocular or trinocular version for digital documentation). The zoom range of 1:6.7 delivers a maximum visual magnification of 50X in standard configuration.

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GM-168 Standard Specification Comparison
  ▾ GM-168B ▾ GM-168T
Optical system Greenough
Observation tube Binocular head Trinocular head
Trinocular light split / Fixed 50:50
Observation angle 45°/ 60° 45°
Objective system Zoom; ratio 1:6.7
Objectives magnification 0.75X~5X
Auxiliary ESD objectives

1.5X (WD = 56.3mm)
2.0X (WD = 38.6mm)

Interpupillary distance 50-75mm
Stage Mounting hole for gem holder on both sides. Users can choose the position freely
Eyepiece(s) Widefield N-WF10X (Ø20), eyepiece tube adjustable
N-WF10X(Ø23) ; N-WF15X(Ø16) ; N-WF20X(Ø13) optional
Working distance (standard) 113mm
Focusing adjustment 125mm
Incident illumination 7W fluorescent light, colour temperature of 6000K to reduce any yellowing effects on the gem, angle adjustable
Transmitted illumination 6V/30W Halogen
C-Mount adapter /
0.5X, 0.65X, 1X adapters available
Photo adapter / SY10 photo adapter 2.5X, 4X photo eyepiece available
Length x width x height 391 x 236 x 500mm
Weight 9kg

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