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BA310MET Series
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BA310Met-H Binocular

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A modular inspection and analysis system for electronic components attachable to user machine or can be use independently. For wider application, Polarizing observation is available. Superb image quality and erect images provide easy and quick detection of faults on the observed specimen. The system supports all imaging systems from CCD cameras to digital SLR.
Optical System Color Corrected Infinity Optical System [CCIS®]
Eyepiece N-WF 10X/20mm, with diopter adjustment
Observation Tube Widefield binocular 30° [F.N. 20] Widefield trinocular 30° [F.N. 20] - light distribution 100:0/20:80 Widefield trinocular 30° [F.N. 20] - light distribution 50:50 fixed, Erect image
Interpupillary Distance 55-75mm>
Nosepiece Reversed quintuple
Focus Coaxial movement; 30mm stroke; Fine focus with 2µm minimum increments
Stage 180x140 mm surface; 100x80 mm movement; coaxial controls (optional)
Stand Dimension:300 x 300mm
Incident light 12V/50W Halogen illuminator with external power supply; Halogen bulb exchangeable with 3W LED (4500K,6000K)
Specimen Thickness Max. 120mm

Objective Specification: Type Magnification N.A. W.D.(mm)

Plan 5x 0.13 11.5
10x 0.30 6.8
20x 0.40 11.1
50x 0.55 8.2
100x 0.80 2

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