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GM171 Series

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The GM-171 utilizes the optical performance of Motic’s SMZ-171 stereomicroscope to enhance distinct three-dimensional details with a zoom function. Rugged and precise, the optics of the GM-171 performs indentifications, analyses, and measurements more accurately and efficiently, thus reducing your workload. Available in a trinocular version for photographical or digital capture of the gem, the GM-171 provides you with an opportunity for extra revenue.

GM171 Trinocular

Home > Products > Industrial Microscopes > Gemological Microscope > GM171 Series

GM-171B GM-171T
Optical system Greenough
Observation angle 45°/ 60° 45°
Magnification range (standard) 0.75X--5X
Zoom ratio 1:6.7
Eyepiece  N-WF, high eye-point 10X(Ø23),  Diopter adjustable interchangeable with biological eyepieces
N-WF 12.5X(Ø18), 15X(Ø16),  20X(Ø13) optional
Interpupilary adjustment  48mm-75mm
Working distance (standard) 110mm
C-Mount adapter / 0.5X, 0.65X, 1X adapters available
Photo adapter / SY10 photo adapter
2.5X, 4X photo eyepiece available
Auxiliary ESD objectives 1.5X [WD = 56.3mm ], 2.0X [WD = 38.6mm]
Stand option Incident illumination 7W fluorescent light, colour temperature of 6000K to reduce any yellowing effects on the gem, angle adjustable
Transmitted illumination 6V/30W Halogen
Focusing adjustment 125mm
Stage Mounting hole for gem holder on both sides. Users can choose the position freely
Tilting base With a tilting range of 0°(upright) to 45°, accessible to users of various heights

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