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Motic Expands Worldwide Digital Classrooms

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Motic has two software solutions available for Networked Digital Microscopy Classrooms for Educational and Professional needs. Having listened to Researchers, Professors and Students alike, DigiLab II and MoticNet both offer unique and innovative methods to link individual microscopy stations to a single Teacher or Supervisor station.

This supervisory station has full control not only of each individual student's computer, but also - more importantly - of each student's live microscopy image so that all aspects of image quality can be controlled from a single point ensuring that the students are looking at a properly set up image.

Our latest international editions include a first installation in Thailand at the Phra Mongkutklao Hospital which is part of the Royal Thai Army Medical Department.

This latest edition means that our Networked Classrooms are now being used from China to Canada, from Austria to Australia and from Tokyo to Thailand.

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