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Forensic Microscopy

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Motic is proud to announce the launching of our latest innovative software solution. Motic Trace heralds a new chapter in comparison microscopy.

Being able to accept simultaneous live streaming images from multiple sources, Motic Trace provides an affordable and flexible tool to Schools, Universities as well as Professional Forensic Laboratories and Institutions. There is no need to purchase expensive comparison microscopes, let Motic Trace do the work digitally.

Motic Trace works on PC as well as Mac OSX based computers. You may already be half-way to digital comparison microscopy as Motic Trace may work with your Digital Microscope or Moticam as long as it was originally delivered with Motic application software.

Motic Trace is compatible with Boreal®, Wolfe®, National® and Motic® branded microscopes

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