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Tablet Bundles

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Tablet Microscope Bundles

Bring your microscope’s world to life by coupling Motic’s high quality imaging solutions with an Android-based WiFi tablet to give a new dimension in interconnectivity to students, educators, or any other microscope user. The WiFi enabled Moticam tablets are complete with a 3.0 MP digital camera which allows you to stream live micro-images to any other WiFi enabled device making it easy to share any microscope experience with those connected to you. High definition images can be edited, annotated, and analyzed directly on the tablet removing the need for another analysis workstation. Motic’s tablet microscope bundles make it easy for you to view, capture, and share your view of the world with everyone around you.

Main Features:

  • Complete bundle includes everything you need to get started
  • Integrated 7” or 10” WiFi enabled Android-tablet with 3.0 MP camera
  • Bundle with select BA, AE, and SMZ series microscopes
  • Modular upgrade options available


Note: Please contact us to confirm availability in your market area.
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