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    VI-LED illuminator

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    Motic VI-LED Vertical Illuminator utilizes a groundbreaking optical and illumination system to enable on-axis observation and documentation, specially designed for Motic SMZ-161 and SMZ-171.

    True on-axis observation of high-resolution, high-contrast, Shadow-free images capture are possible due to the VI-LED Vertical Illuminator's elimination of the traditional stereoscope's angular view of the specimen. This is ideal for the observation of particularly smooth, specular surfaces and highly reflective specimens such as integrated circuits, semiconductor wafers, polished metal parts, solder balls, or magnetic recording heads.

    VI-LED Vertical Illuminator directs light from the 3W LED down through the objective onto the specimen. It is powered by the switching power supply for worldwide use (100-240V). The LED lighting system is Environmentally-friendly with long lasting 3W LED bulb, lamp life up to 20,000 hours.

    The VI-LED vertical Illuminator will be your perfect stereo microscope illumination solution.

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