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AE31 ELITE Series

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Refined Live Cell Microscope Platform

The AE30/31Elite is a refined inverted microscope with an extended focus on practical aspects.

To harmonize the optical setup of our CCIS© Infinity concept, the AE30/31 Elite works with the newest generation of LWD Plan Achromatic lenses: Only one Phase ring is needed for Phase 10X up to 40X; the objective Phase 4X forfast screening is available as an option.

The tube lens configuration is in harmony with the complete BA series of Upright microscopes. From this series, all accessories like c-mounts, additional eyepieces, etc. can be used without restriction on AE30/31E. A fully corrected intermediate image is ready for digital access. Upgrade options like Fluorescence are still strong features within this Inverted microscope series.

Main features


·         New generation of LWD Plan Achromatic lenses

·         Upgrade options


AE31 Elite Trinocular

Home > Products > LifeSciences > Inverted Microscopes > AE31 ELITE Series

Product Description

 Live Cell Microscope Platform
  • Trinocular head Siedentopf type, 45o inclined (Light split 100:0/20:80)
  • Widefield high eyepoint eyepieces WFPL10X/22mm with diopter adjustment on both eyepieces and rubber eyecups
  • Side facing quintuple nosepiece CCIS Plan achromatic objective PL 4X
  • CCIS Plan achromatic Phase objective PL Ph 10X, LWD PL Ph 20X
  • Coaxial coarse and fine focusing adjustment
  • Hard coated stage with metal and glass stage inserts
  • ELWD condenser N.A. 0.30 (WD 72mm)
  • Phase slider Ph1 and brightfield
  • Phase centering telescope
  • Koehler illumination quartz halogen 6V/30W with external lamp house and intensity control

Note: Please contact us to confirm availability in your market area.
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